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Hi everyone! Just a quick introduction from me.  I’m Holly and I’m super exited to be joining the team here at Travel Safe Horbury. I will be here to help you with anything you may need following a booking with us, everything from airport parking to talking through your travel documents and then excitedly waving you off on your travels! I don’t come from a travel background but have always loved traveling myself and can happily spend hours looking at possible future destinations for myself and my family and now I get to share your excitement too! This year we rid out the January blues in Spain, it was our first holiday as a family of three and I already can’t wait to plan the next!


After putting it off for the first six months of his life, we finally decided that in January this year we would take our little boy Henry to visit his great grandparents in Spain! Like a lot of first time mums I was very apprehensive about how it would go, especially the travel days, but I am here to reassure you that it doesn’t have to be the nightmare that you have built it up to be in your head.

After holidaying just the two of us for the past 10 years taking only backpacks it was time to dust off the suitcase to pack. We made sure to pack more than we thought we would need for Henry and when it came to formula we definitely needed it! Spain was uncharacteristically warm for January, which was lovely but also meant he drank almost double the amount that he would at home! 

Going through the airport was so much smoother than the scenarios I had been imagining, we took a smaller fold up buggy instead of our usual pram and it was so easy to navigate through the crowds. We had planned the flight take off times as close to Henry’s usual nap times and this worked like a dream, he had a bottle on both take offs to avoid the pressure in his ears and then slept for the first part of the flights – RESULT! The cabin staff were great and helped us with his seatbelt on my lap, we could have booked him his own seat and taken his car seat on board but we definitely would have done for a longer flight but decided against it for a short trip to Spain. Luckily on this occasion we had a full row to ourselves so after take off he was able to sit in is own seat, keeping himself entertained for the rest of the journey (obviously with a pack of baby wipes and not the bag full of toys I had brought for him!).

Arriving in Alicante for lunch time we had a quick bite to eat and gave Henry his lunch before picking up the hire car and car seat (we had to watch a Youtube video on how to install this) but we were quickly taking in the views on the drive up the coast.

We had a lovely week both visiting family and enjoying some restful holiday time ourselves, I’m so glad we took the plunge to go while he is still so young and urge anyone putting off holidaying with a baby to take the jump and once you have done it once I’m sure, like us, you will wonder what you were ever worrying about.


A few snaps from our trip ↓ – obviously my Husband slept on the plane too –



I will keep you posted where we head to next…