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Congratulations, You are getting married!

Let your wedding guests give you the gift of travel.

If you have everything you need for your home and would like your friends and family to help fund the honeymoon of a lifetime, our Honeymoon Gift List creates a more personal way of asking for contributions, with the chance for them to leave personal messages for you, too. It’s a safer way of receiving money than cash in your wedding cards and an easy way to keep track of gifts when it comes to writing those all-important thank you cards. Your honeymoon gift list could also help towards added extras, from flight upgrades to chauffeur-driven airport transfers.

Thinking Of Opening Your Honeymoon Gift List?

Our Service is completely free of charge when planning a honyemoon with us. Once you have planned your honeymoon we will set your Honeymoon Gift List Up, with your own unique link and QR code.

Should you have any last minute additions or should there be any funds left over after you have finalised your honeymoon plans, we will return your left over funds to you.

Please book a consultation with our Weddings & Honeymoon Specialist, Sophie.

Contribute to a Honeymoon Gift List.

If you are looking to contribute to a Honeymoon Gift List, please follow this link below, entering the unique code given to you by the happy couple. You will have your chance to send a personalised message with your gift. Payments can be made by Credit or Debit card or Via Bank Transfer. If you wish to contribute in cash, you can visit our store in Horbury.

What's Included?

  • Personalised Honeymoon Gift List Site.
  • Unique Link and QR Code.
  • Your guests can leave a personalised message when leaving your gift.
  • Access your Gift List and see who has contributed on a real time basis.
  • Your guests can contribute 24/7 via your personalised site.
  • 100% Fund Protection. Protected by our client trust account.

We’ve been asked what we’d like for a gift and the answer is simple: you, at our wedding, having a great time. But if you insist then we’ll say what we’d also love is the most amazing honeymoon possible. We have the basics covered but we’re hoping for the holiday of a lifetime. We want to see and do everything we’ve dreamed about and if you’d like to help us with that then please leave us a gift here.

Why a Honeymoon Gift List?

Instead of stuff for your home, create a Honeymoon Gift List to help pay for your honeymoon. Include anything from tiny, meaningful treats all the way to once-in-a-lifetime luxuries.

It’s a polite way of asking for contributions towards your honeymoon expenses, and a meaningful way for your guests to give them.

You’re not just starting a new home with each other. You’ve got plenty of stuff already, maybe more than you need. So although you’d be grateful for any wedding gifts you’re given, you might not want more things for your home.

At the same time, weddings are expensive, and your own wedding might not leave you much left over for your honeymoon. If we’re being honest, the best gift you could receive is some money towards making that truly special.

The trouble is, cash isn’t very personal. Your guests will want their gift to represent something more than just a number on a piece of paper.

All our Honeymoon Gift Lists are protected by our Trust Account. Full details regarding our trust account can be viewed here.